Barton Truck Centre Ltd. is the Exclusive Distributor for Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec & the Atlantic Provinces) of Ing. Bonfiglioli S.p.A. portable balers, shears and mill for metal scraps and recycling material.


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ECOLOGICAL "ARIETE" BALER This mobile baler mounted on truck or on a roll-on roll system truck is the best solution to compact any kind of metal scrap

ROLL ON-ROLL OFF HORIZONTAL SQUALO SHEARS This mobile automatic roll-on roll-off shear has a high production capacity and it is the cheapest solution for cutting any metal scrap with a minimal management cost


SQUALO SHEAR This shear is automatic and easily chargeable and transportable on a semitrailer and it is the best solution for cutting more difficult metal scrap even having a length of 20 metres



DRAKE MILL This mill has born to quickly produce a high quality proller and it is equipped by a magnetic rotor which divides iron from waste material and any other noble metal such as copper


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